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Trick or Treat!  What better way to end the Halloween night with your little ones than to read a spooky bedtime story!  The Witchy-Po is available for FREE on the Apple iBooks Store for today only!

The Witchy-Po Halloween Pumpkin 03

Click here to go download your copy from the Apple iBooks Store.

Enjoy and have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


WitchyPoHalloween_2013_ibooksHere’s a special Halloween poster of Henry and Abbey, courtesy of Curtis Cunningham, the illustrator of The Witchy-Po!

Halloween is a great time of the year for storytelling! Recently, I picked up a Lumio, it’s a lamp that pretends it’s a book. The Lumio is a beautiful piece of modern art-meets-function. It makes a great reading light, and in the dark, a spooky ambience, perfect for some scary stories to be told. Anyways, make the most of the occasion with some fun reading with the kids!


It’s a treat!  Here’s an early sketch of Henry and the Witchy-Po, drawn by Curtis Cunningham and courtesy of

Simply click on the image, then print to download the colouring sheet for your kids!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Click here to listen to an excerpt from the book The Witchy-Po, narrated by Fung Ng.

The Witchy-Po presents some spooky pumpkin pictures for your Halloween enjoyment!

This is Abbey from the book The Witchy-Po.  Abbey is a smart, strong-minded girl.  She looks out for her little brother Henry, who is always getting himself caught up in troubling predicaments.

Here’s a picture of Henry from the book The Witchy-Po.  Henry likes to dress up like his favourite teddy bear Cubby.



The Witchy-Po is available at the following stores:

“In the dark, dark night, the Witchy-Po craves to take the child who misbehaves…”

The Witchy-Po, A Bedtime Story is an illustrated children’s story book, telling of a blind, old hag who only appears at night. She creeps out from the Land of Shadows and has a ferocious appetite for naughty children.

Follow the story of Henry and Abbey, two young children who mistakenly attract the company of the Witchy-Po.