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Abbey and her Cookies & Milk

For all the little girls and boys
Who long for Christmas day,
May Old St. Nick grant your hopes and wishes,
Beneath the tree they lay.

But if one wishes to catch a glimpse
Of that special someone by the tree,
Be sure to leave some Cookies and Milk
And then perhaps you will see.

One must be quiet, one must be quick
To discover the greatest sight
That a boy or girl could ever wish for
On that Merry Christmas night.


Have a Safe and Healthy Festive Season.

Enjoy the prologue taken from the ibook Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story.

Cookies & Milk Tree

20131124-233909.jpgThis image is taken from my book Cookies & Milk:  A Christmas Story.  It’s one of my favourite images from the book, as it reminds me of how Christmas can be a perfect time to promote reading and writing with your children.

Little is known on the Christmas tradition of writing a letter to Santa, but it is believed it started around the late 1800’s.  Young children would write about all their good deeds, questions to Santa, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, and the elves, and what gifts they wished to find under the tree on Christmas day.

With our 3 and 5-yr olds,  this was their first letter to Santa.  They were really excited about the activity of writing the letter.  One Sunday afternoon, we sat down with them, ready to help them write it if needed, otherwise just encouraging them, giving them ideas on how to start and what to write, and generally making sure the activity was an enjoyable and frustration-free one.  When the letters were complete, we asked them if they could read it to make sure nothing was left out.

When the letters were ready to ‘post’, we gave them the opportunity to address the envelope to Santa, and asked them to read the envelope to make sure it was destined for the North Pole.  Lastly, we let them put the finishing touch by placing their letters inside their envelopes.

The aim is to make this an activity that is fun, enjoyable, and rewarding for the child, such that the reading and writing feels like it’s merely part of the overall experience.  Plus, it’s also great for the parents too, as you witness some rather precious and/or amusing writing from your children.

Hang onto the letters and they will serve as keepsakes and memories of an endearing childhood, or things to embarrass the child with when he/she is older, or perhaps even a bit of both.

WitchyPoHalloween_2013_ibooksHere’s a special Halloween poster of Henry and Abbey, courtesy of Curtis Cunningham, the illustrator of The Witchy-Po!

The iBook version of Cookies & Milk, the latest ebook featuring Henry & Abbey, is now updated with some interactive fun for the kids!  The names of Santa’s reindeer are hidden throughout the book. Spot the glowing words and touch them to discover the names of Santa’s reindeers!

Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story

Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham

Happy New Year! To kick off the year, the prices have been reduced for both The Witchy-Po and Cookies & Milk. Simply click on Buy at the top of this page.

Some things to look forward to in 2013 include a Kobo version of Cookies & Milk, an update to the iBooks version to include additional interactive content, and the next story in the Henry & Abbey collection.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


dashHenry and Abbey (and Cubby) are here,
To spread some festive seasonal cheer.
So sit back and unwind
with the kids at bedtime.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story

Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham

Photo 20-12-2012 11 10 17

This is Cubby.  He’s Henry’s teddy bear.
He follows Henry almost everywhere.

On his head, tis the season.
Only one knows the reason:

Henry, for it was he who put them there.

Check out Cubby, Henry, and Abbey in the new book
Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story
Have a Safe and Merry Christmas!

Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham

Photo 11-12-2012 20 38 44In the follow-up to their first book The Witchy-Po, Henry and Abbey’s adventures continue in Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story, a wonderfully illustrated read-aloud children’s book.

On the night of Christmas Eve, Abbey makes a wish and leaves out a night-time snack, in hopes to catch a glimpse of Jolly ole’ St. Nick.

Find out what happens when things don’t go according to plan and a surprise delivery awaits the curious children.

Read-Aloud Version:
Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham

This is Abbey from the book The Witchy-Po.  Abbey is a smart, strong-minded girl.  She looks out for her little brother Henry, who is always getting himself caught up in troubling predicaments.