The Witchy-Po: A Bedtime Story is a beautifully illustrated childrens’ ebook, targeted to children from ages 2 to 5 yrs.

“In the dark, dark night, the Witchy-Po craves to take the child who misbehaves…”

The Witchy-Po, A Bedtime Story, available on iBooks

The Witchy-Po is a blind, old hag who only appears at night.  She creeps out from the Land of Shadows and has a ferocious appetite for naughty children.  The story focuses on two young siblings, Henry and Abbey, who mistakenly attract the company of the Witchy-Po.

Read a bit about what inspired the book here.

The Read-Aloud version of The Witchy-Po is available on iBooks, and contains a full narrative track which can be easily turned off by parents wishing to read with their children or for the more advanced reader.  An Apple device such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is required to view this version.  However, for best results, an iPad is recommended.

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Download The Witchy-Po on iBooks