Halloween is a great time of the year for storytelling! Recently, I picked up a Lumio, it’s a lamp that pretends it’s a book. The Lumio is a beautiful piece of modern art-meets-function. It makes a great reading light, and in the dark, a spooky ambience, perfect for some scary stories to be told. Anyways, make the most of the occasion with some fun reading with the kids!


A year ago, I wrote a fun little story for my kids, hoping that it would spark their interest in reading. Now, one year later, my 3yr old’s reading level is truly astonishing. The thing is, we all want our kids to learn to read, and we know that in order to hold their interest, it means to make reading an exciting and engaging experience. The hard part is finding the tools in which to make it so. What I did was to create The Witchy-Po as an ebook on the iBookstore, so that the kids could see the words highlighted as they follow along to the story, and be drawn in by the pictures as they follow the words. But there are lots of other things we did too. Make a game out of it. Word games, for example, are a great way to get them interested. For instance, in the car, we play the ‘ing’ game: name words that end in “i-n-g”.

Just be creative. It is important to remember that fun in reading is not just about the words behind the story, but about the experience. Every child is different, they each have their own likes, and they will each learn and explore at their own pace. My 5yr old is taking her time compared to her younger sister, and as long as she is enjoying the experience, I have no worries she will be a capable reader soon.

Keep it fun and interesting,

Yesterday, we had a little family get-together for Father’s Day. The kids’ Grandpa stopped by which was a nice surprise for the little ones. We all had lunch and a nice family chat, and then it was time for Grandpa to go.

Later that evening, our 5-year old was moping about the house, looking a little sad.

“What’s the matter, Lauren?”, I asked.

Lauren looked up and whispered, “Well, I forgot to say Happy Father’s Day to Grandpa.”

I was a bit taken aback! it was the first time I could see she was thinking of Grandpa as a father figure. Perhaps it was just the occasion, or perhaps I was thinking of my own father who had recently passed, but I was really happy she made that connection. I gave her a hug and it seemed to make her feel better. I suppose it helped me feel better too.


I want to share with you how reading has turned into something really special for my children (and me!). This year for Father’s Day, my 3-yr old daughter Maddy brought back home from her nursery a painting of her feet. Attached to the painting was a poem which she was keen to read out to me. What a truly unforgettable Father’s Day gift!

The iBook version of Cookies & Milk, the latest ebook featuring Henry & Abbey, is now updated with some interactive fun for the kids!  The names of Santa’s reindeer are hidden throughout the book. Spot the glowing words and touch them to discover the names of Santa’s reindeers!

Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story

Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham

Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story is now available on Kobo! Click here to be taken directly to the book on Kobo.com, or hit the Buy button at the top of the page.

Happy New Year! To kick off the year, the prices have been reduced for both The Witchy-Po and Cookies & Milk. Simply click on Buy at the top of this page.

Some things to look forward to in 2013 include a Kobo version of Cookies & Milk, an update to the iBooks version to include additional interactive content, and the next story in the Henry & Abbey collection.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


dashHenry and Abbey (and Cubby) are here,
To spread some festive seasonal cheer.
So sit back and unwind
with the kids at bedtime.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story

Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham

Photo 20-12-2012 11 10 17

This is Cubby.  He’s Henry’s teddy bear.
He follows Henry almost everywhere.

On his head, tis the season.
Only one knows the reason:

Henry, for it was he who put them there.

Check out Cubby, Henry, and Abbey in the new book
Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story
Have a Safe and Merry Christmas!

Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham

Photo 11-12-2012 20 38 44In the follow-up to their first book The Witchy-Po, Henry and Abbey’s adventures continue in Cookies & Milk: A Christmas Story, a wonderfully illustrated read-aloud children’s book.

On the night of Christmas Eve, Abbey makes a wish and leaves out a night-time snack, in hopes to catch a glimpse of Jolly ole’ St. Nick.

Find out what happens when things don’t go according to plan and a surprise delivery awaits the curious children.

Read-Aloud Version:
Cookies & Milk - T.K. Chung & Curtis Cunningham